Unique long-stay apartments

37 apts at Slussen, Stockholm city. 64 more apts in Solna.

Guldgränd, Slussen

37 apts - Free WiFi

Nicely situated close to Slussen subwaystation
Working in town for a couple of days?

You're just our client!

Asplund, Solna

64 apts - Fitness centre - Restaurant - Free WiFi


hosted by Fredrik Eriksson
(known from Långbro Värdshus)

Asplund, Solna

64 apts - Fitness centre - Restaurant - Free WiFi

Fitness Centre

Group exercise classes 4 times
per day by Maria Meckbach

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Our Story

Second Home Apartments offer a variety of modern, spacious apartments for extended stays that act as the ideal home away from home.

Available at two prime locations in Stockholm, Second Home Apartments is the first choice of business and leisure travellers that value the feeling of staying somewhere that feels like their own yet upholds a first-class service standard.

We also have a small B&B in Antibes, France, have a look on www.ruesade.com.

A very warm welcome!
Paula Sörensson, General Manager

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Asplund Hotel Apartments
Gunnar Asplunds Allé 6
171 63 Solna

Office +46 (0)8-641 40 64

Guldgränd Hotel Apartments
Guldgränd 5
118 20 Stockholm

Office +46 (0)8-641 40 64

Caroline Avdic
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