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Gunnar Asplund’s legacy

Asplund is in the middle of Ingenting. The name translates as ‘Nowhere’, which is the area in Solna where our hotel is located. It sounds insignificant, but the listed building is unique: a world-renowned architect’s creation.


The famous architect’s creation

An architectural gem, a legacy, a place to nurture. Our apartment hotel in Solna, our Asplund Hotel Apartments, is something special. Just the fact that architect enthusiasts travel from afar to visit us, says quite a lot. The man behind the building is Gunnar Asplund, the world-renowned architect who designed both the Stockholm Public Library and Skogskyrkogården cemetery.

Let us delve into the history.


An old laboratory

Gunnar Asplund was the interwar period’s leading architect in Sweden. He completed more than 40 building projects. It would be a lie to claim that the yellow brick buildings in Solna, which he designed in the 1930s on behalf of the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control, are particularly noteworthy. That they are located in an area called ‘Nowhere’ in Solna, doesn’t contribute to their fame status.

But still. The Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control’s mission was to protect humans and society from infectious diseases. Here, they researched serious diseases such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and tuberculosis. They also worked to stop sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV. In 1993 the facility was disbanded and divided into two new organisations. The building remained empty for many years.


The 2016 inauguration

In 2005, a cultural heritage survey was made in the lead up to a preservation project. After long negotiations the renovation began. In 2016, Second Home Apartments opened alongside Restaurant Asplund and Meckbach Träning.

At Second Home Apartments we’re very pleased that the buildings have been preserved so carefully. We’re especially proud that the old lab doors remain, combined with new door technology to meet modern requirements. In the old laboratory you can find our hotel, as well as a nice gym and a restaurant. The area is growing rapidly, with companies and individuals moving here in larger numbers.

Are you interested in a showround of our culturally important building? We’ll arrange it! Just contact us at or on +46 8641 4064.

Gunnar Asplund

His lamp is still glowing

Aside from his architecture, Gunnar Asplund was also prominent within design and furniture. He’s widely considered one of the greatest Swedish architects in history and was head architect at The Stockholm Exhibition in 1930.

Today, his famous Asplund lamp, once created for the Skandia cinema in central Stockholm, is still in use.

The building that is now our hotel was erected between 1933 and 1977. It is considered one of early modernism’s most important buildings in Sweden.


Our location

By public transport

  • If travelling by public transport we recommend getting the metro. Take the blue line towards Akalla or Hjulsta from the central station (T-Centralen). Get off after four stops, at Västra Skogen.
  • Navigate your way to the hotel using the map. When you arrive you can use your personal pin code to access the building and your apartment.


Arriving by car

  • Asplund Hotel Apartments is located on Gunnar Asplunds Allé 6. If you’re arriving by car it’s easiest to use a GPS satnav and follow directions from apps like Google Maps.


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