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Art in Solna – Asplund Lab

Asplund Lab in Solna is a place for exhibitions, events and experiences. We don’t follow norms or rules – we simply celebrate art. The current exhibition is held at our apartment hotel Asplund.


Four exhibitions per year

We are proud and happy to be able to present four exhibitions each year at our art house Asplund Lab. Read more about our current exhibition below.


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Aerosol Industry – decades of graffiti

Aerosol Industry is an exhibition tracing the work of disrupting Swedish graffiti artists from the 80s onwards. Across the floors at Hotel Asplund Aerosol Industry presents interiors and unique artworks in limited editions. The theme is graffiti that once lived, but has now been demolished: the art was created in industrial estates that no longer exist. The paintings have been preserved as photographs – images that tell the story of Sweden’s graffiti history.


Supporters of Snösätra graffiti park

Graffiti is a cornerstone of hip hop’s foundations, alongside rap, DJing and break dancing. It’s a way of life – a way of relating to the outside world.

In 2014, the industrial estate in Snösätra was transformed to northern Europe’s largest graffiti park. Graffiti artists from around the world come here to express themselves on the Wall of Fame.

Aerosol Industry recognises and preserves this unique place for street art.


Previous exhibitions at Asplund Lab

Lisa’s Dogs by Lisa Rennerstedt. She describes her exhibition as follows: “…here is a snapshot of my dog friends. Paintings of my greatest love, Noah, and my friends’ best friends. The style changes depending on what I find special in each individual. I’m not a traditional dog painter where every hair is in place. It all began with Noah and now I get requests from my nearest and dearest, and their nearest and dearest.”

The exhibition, which featured Lisa’s images fixed with silicon on plexiglass, was presented during spring/winter 2019.

Read more about Lisa’s Dogs here.