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The Team

We’re a dedicated team at Second Home Apartments. We’re all different, but similar in that we love a challenge. Our main mission is clear: To make all our guests feel at home.

We are a close-knit team that handles everything from bookings to property maintenance.

We’re driven by three keywords: fulfilment, flexibility and feeling.

Fulfilment in assisting, providing service, welcoming lovely guests, and, of course, evolving.

Flexibility is another motive. We want to discover the things that suit your needs as a guest and adapt our properties. As employees, we move flexibly between the units.

Feeling is all about recreating our buildings’ original atmosphere. We want to create that feeling of “home” through apartment furnishing and design, each distinct from the next.


Work commences in Solna

In 2015 we expanded our portfolio with the listed unit Asplund, located in the area Ingenting (‘Nowhere’) in Solna. It was an ambitious project that was initiated by Skanska, who owned the space, and the former Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control. Ten years earlier, a thorough cultural heritage survey had been undertaken. Heritage value reports as well as guidance for care and maintenance where helpful during alterations and renovations. Work commenced in 2013 and stood completed as Second Home Apartments Asplund in less than two years.

About Asplund

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